My name is Don Homewood and I'm an award-winning fine art photographer based  in Sacramento, California. I primarily photograph landscapes, with the occasional venture into other genres.

My appreciation of nature stems from my childhood exposure to many of our country's greatest national parks. The claustrophobic canyon walls and chest-high water of Zion, the intimidating and endless expanse of Death Valley, the beautiful and spooky stillness of the coastal redwood forests, the awful stench but gorgeous colors of Yellowstone's sulfur pools… The list could go on quite a long way if I wanted it to.

While I do enjoy photographing the "grand landscape" as the term has come to be called, I often find that it's the individual parts that provide more inspiration. (An interesting pile of rocks on the rim of the Grand Canyon rather than the canyon itself, for example.) As such, when I'm out photographing that's usually what I'm looking for- the characters or individuals of the landscape. These characters can be as small as a pebble or as large as a mountain, what's important is that they have a sense of uniqueness and personality to them. Trees, rock formations, and even the forgotten works of man are common sources of inspiration. By focusing my attention on and understanding these characters and their place in the landscape, I believe that I'm better equipped to understand the Grand Landscape itself.

I work primarily in black & white and various hues of monochrome. I enjoy the way in which monochrome is, by it's very nature, a step away from the literal. I use additional techniques, both in camera and in processing, to achieve that idea as well. In essence, I'm not trying to create a factual record. Rather, I'm more interested in the personal interpretation, both from myself when making the photograph and the viewer when seeing it. Personal interpretation and understanding are, in my mind, beneficial not just in the arts but in life itself.

In the end, my goal is to create photographic art of the World around us - art that encourages seeing that World in new ways, seeing beyond what is there to what could be there.

Curiosity, Creativity, Discovery.

-Don Homewood

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